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Returning Generation Black Farmers

The Mid-Atlantic Black Farmers Caucus is a cooperative network of producers and associations of producers of agricultural products located in the Mid-Atlantic region.


We envision fostering a self-reliant regional food system that prioritizes meeting the diverse food needs of our community, especially highly-distressed Black communities. Our aim is to locally produce, process, distribute, and purchase as much food as possible within the region. By operating at multiple scales and levels, we aspire to achieve resilience, reduce dependency on imports, and generate substantial economic and social benefits for Black farmers and the communities they serve.


Our mission is to strengthen our local and regional food system and achieve food and nutrition security. We are dedicated to enhancing the availability, diversity and accessibility of quality, culturally appropriate, locally grown and produced food for food desert areas.


  • 1.) Provide mentorship to returning generation Black farmers
  • 2.) Establish new market opportunities and income for Black farmers and producers 
  • 3.) Improve access to nutrient-dense, culturally-appropriate food for Black communities
  • 4.) Create affinity and community spaces for healing, cultural heritage preservation and empowerment
  • 5.) Establish partnerships with local institutions and organizations to amplify market access and create distribution networks owned by Black farmers and their communities
  • 6.) Facilitate community-led initiatives to promote food sovereignty and resilience among Black communities.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Gail Taylor
Gail TaylorFounder of Three Part Harmony Farm
Briana Steveson
Briana StevesonBoard Secretary - Community and Food Justice Advocate
Renee Foster
Renee FosterFounder of Hampton Roads Urban Ag
Leslie Evans
Leslie EvansLawyer - Aspiring Farmer
Farmer Chippy
Farmer ChippyFounder of Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm
Stephanie Miller
Stephanie MillerVice President - Founder of Mystic Pine Farm
Jamie Shanklin
Jamie ShanklinFounder of Messiahs Market Herbs & Horticulture
Thelonius Cook
Thelonius CookBoard President - Founder of Mighty Thundercloud Edible Forest

Our Support Team

The MABFC is led by a talented team of diverse individuals and we're always looking for more to join us! We are also accepting nominations to join our Board!

Steven Jones
Steven JonesSenior Advisor
Tisha Michelle
Tisha MichelleSocial Media Manager / Richmond Food Hub Coordinator
Ashley Mackell
Ashley MackellField Secretary
Erica Jones
Erica JonesMarketing Communications Manager
Chigo Oguh
Chigo OguhCommunications Specialist

The Timeline

Aug 2023


Although we've been convening since January of 2023, we became an official legal entity on August 23, 2023

Nov 2023

Marketplace Launch

We officially launched our online Marketplace on November, 15th 2023.

Jan 2024

First Annual Mid-Atlantic Black Farmers Conference

This historic date, January 26th-27th, will mark our 1st annual conference and anniversary of our first gathering.